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My professional philosphy is pretty simple: I do my absolute best to protect my clients’ constitutional and procedural rights. Our Constitution protects EVERYONE - including (and especially) those accused of criminal activity. I also strive to promptly and frequently communicate with my clients. Communication, after all, is critical to working a criminal case effectively. We all deserve “justice” - fairness - in our legal system. Criminal defense attorneys play an essential role in achieving justice for the accused. As a former (retired) FBI Special Agent, I have spent my entire adult life protecting the rights of others - including the defenseless. It’s who I am and what I do.

I was born in Owensboro, Kentucky. After completing high school in 1981 (Apollo High School), I attended Hanover College located near Madison, Indiana. Thereafter, I went to the University of Louisville (Kentucky) - Brandeis School of Law. Upon earning my law degree, I briefly practiced in Madison. After 23 years of service as an FBI Special Agent, I decided to return to the practice of criminal law. My office is located in Rockport, Indiana.


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